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The Backbone of BELFOR

No two losses are ever the same. The causes can be very diverse. The impact on machinery, technical equipment, production facilities, or private property can vary and be far-reaching. To help our clients navigate through the disaster unknown, BELFOR has a strong global team that offers various kinds of technical support services.

BELFOR Technology

The damage assessment process relies on visual impressions and experience from similar losses. Extensive investigation including wipe samples followed by chemical analysis, material testing, and rapid corrosive-contamination tests completes the picture. The assessment of damage calls for in-depth knowledge and interpretation of numerous chemical-analysis methods. For example, a similar pollutant burden could mean disaster for a food manufacturing plant but not necessarily for a steel mill.

BELFOR Technology employs a broad spectrum of engineers covering all necessary technical disciplines as well as chemists and architects capable of assessing damage and drawing the right conclusions. We have our own chemical laboratory where damage-related contaminants can be analyzed quickly. Rapid chemical analysis, combined with our broad experience, can help reduce costs and determine the best course of action with the most efficient measures for damage restoration.

BELFOR Technical Services

BELFOR Technical Services specializes in the inspection, assessment, decontamination and repair of machinery, equipment, electronics, semiconductor tools, and more.  A team of engineers and accredited technicians deploy the latest methodologies and products for a wide variety of unique contamination situations.

We always push the boundaries of exploring new and innovative restoration techniques while maintaining strict quality control.

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