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Sheldon Yellen

Chief Executive Officer

… Unconventional CEO
… International Businessman
… Undercover Boss

Sheldon Yellen has built himself a robust reputation for his unconventional management style.  As CEO of BELFOR Holdings, Inc. - a $2 billion entity which operates a number of companies including BELFOR Property Restoration, the global leader in damage restoration and recovery services - he carefully watches every penny spent yet doesn’t hesitate to hop on a private plane to visit a sick employee or customer. His rationale?  BELFOR is his family.

Abandoning traditional business proceedings in order to put more stock in his greatest asset—people—Yellen admits hating meetings, committees, and layers of corporate hierarchy, preferring instead to constantly grow the business in order to expand his family, which today includes over 9,200 men and women in more than 300 offices spanning 34 countries.

Yellen received national acclaim for his deeply compassionate management style when he was featured in CBS’ hit series Undercover Boss, a show that provides corporate executives a glimpse into the inner workings of the companies they run. Yellen’s emotional journey through the everyday lives of four employees working on the front lines of his diverse business landed the series’ BELFOR episode an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Reality Program.

Widely recognized as a pre-eminent figure in the restoration industry, Sheldon Yellen has developed an influential following of decision makers who love his unconventional management style. His presentations reflect his management philosophies through his personal journey as a leader and his intense belief in people from all walks of life. Failure is not in his vocabulary.

undercover boss with Sheldon Yellen
Sheldon Yellen - Undercover Boss