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BELFOR Know-How and Strength - Leading The World

Fire, water, storms or natural events cause damage - and put people in emergency situations. The biggest wish: Everything should go back to how it was before – and quickly. BELFOR, the global leader in the disaster recovery and property renovation or restoration services, is the one company prepared for anything.

With more than 450 offices in 24 countries, we offer more renovation services, more resources and more equipment than any other renovation contractor. We focus on property damage caused by fire, water, storms, wind and more. More than 11,0000 skilled and professional BELFOR employees around the world are dedicated to repairing damage and, on average, complete more than 200,000 projects each year.

BELFOR has a proven track record and the financial strength to complete the task at hand quickly and efficiently, so things get back to normal — faster. One company with the know-how and leadership to handle it all. That's why people trust BELFOR.


BELFOR Provides Sanitizing and Disinfection Services Around The World

World's Largest Restoration Contractor On The Front Lines of Pandemic

BELFOR is providing COVID-19 cleaning, disinfection and decontamination services in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic around the world.

Our COVID-19 cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing services are designed to rid your property of this highly contagious virus and help reduce the risk of infection or illness, cross-contamination, and downtime in operations.

Services vary by country. To find out which countries can provide the service, click here.

To request disinfection services, click here.